Adaptive Learning Management Platform :: mElimu
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mElimu platform works across multiple devices including tablets and laptops! mElimu’s revolutionary digital learning platform allows students to learn anywhere, anytime, at their own convenience!.

It provides personalized learning environment, supports offline learning and the tablet support battery life for a full day learning and up to three days of standby.

  • Adaptive Learning Management Platform
  • Learn online or offline
  • Submit Quiz or Assignment Online or Offline
  • Self Assessment and Comparison across courses
  • Collaborate through Messages, Forums and Chat
  • System Driven Alerts on Grades, Revisions and what to study
  • Focus more on what is important

mElimu’s Adaptive Learning Platform allows students to get a personalised learning experience through its Patent Pending Technology.

System adapts based on learning pace of the student and alerts the student from time to time where his/her focus should be.