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Our Remote Proctoring Technologies
Ensure Cheat Free Exams

Now do a virtual secure exams with mElimu’s online proctoring solution integrated with AI-Powered Tools, the safest, secure and least expensive way to conduct cheating free online exams. Our integrated Online Exam platform allow colleges, universities, K-12 and corporate's to do remote assessment at any time of the day without prior scheduling.


Student actions are recorded continuously during examination with our Advanced Proctor Mechanism to check authenticity. Ensuring online assessments and avoiding fraudulent activities with a snap with automatic remote cognitive proctoring. mElimu online assessment platform flags suspicious activities and immediately prompt warnings and blocks candidates, so the credibility of your test scores is maintained.

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Assessments Tool

mElimu, The user-friendly interface with questions in understandable language assessment solution is designed for assessing students for online exams and supports various formats such as MCQs, essay, code, typing, aptitude, Case Study, Diagram Based Questions, and Subjective Writing test that are secured using advanced online proctoring.

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AI Based on the participant's photographic identification with the institute, he can be directly verified by recognizing the face live through state of the art face recognition and face match. Intermittent Face Recognition, Multi-Face Logging, No Face Logging, Camera Hiding Logging.

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mElimu online exam platform enable the lockdown to browsers like IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome to avoid any cheating like printing, copying, going another website, or access other applications during their session.

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Our Platform

Easy to use, Powerful, Online Exam Designer

You can create any type of quiz, test or exam, simple to sophisticated – with our powerful and easy to use exam designer.

AI face recognition

Face recognition major focus is on verification or authentication. They remotely invigilate candidate's actions and behavior and analyze them by using our proprietary algorithm.

Flexible Response Collection Strategies

You can create a single link or unique links for exam access, or assign exams to users of your organization

Navigating During Exam

You can allow users to go back and forth among the pages during exam.

Lockdown Browser

You can allow the users to attempt examinations on Mac & PC browsers like IE, Chrome, Firefox & Safari enabled with Lock Down browser.

Live Chat Support

You can invite people by sending email invitations, you can schedule the e-mail delivery.

Use Rich Text and Images

Benefits of rich text editors and images to clarify and beatify the pages and questions

Several Questions Type

Drop down to multi choice, text to rating scale… We offer you the questions type that you need

Open-Ended Questions & Evaluations

You can ask open-ended questions, when the exam is over, evaluate the response and the report is ready.

Easy and Advanced Scoring with Multiple Dimensions

Each questions has its own point. However questions may affect multiple Dimensions with different multipliers.

Random Ordering of Pages, Questions and choices

You can automatically randomize the order of the pages, question and choice for each respondent that accesses the test.

Random Selection of Pages & Questions

You can prepare exams that ask different questions to each respondent that access the test.

Advance Time Management

Exams can be both time-free and time-limited. Time limitations can both on exam level, page level or even mixed. You can set different time limits for different pages.

Date & Time Restrictions

You can set the date and time, the exam will be available or expired. You can create several collectors and set different date & time restrictions for each.

Organization & User Management

You can create many organizations within the same company, create & assign users with login access. You can group users with the same organization.

Collaboration, Roles & Permission Management

You can assign different roles or permissions for the users of your company and organizations. Users can collaborate while designing a test, collecting responses and analyzing the results.

AI face recognition

mElimu Artificial Intelligence based Face recognition emphasis major focus on verification or authentication of the candidate. We remotely invigilate the candidate's actions and behaviour and analyse them by using our proprietary algorithm.

Remote Proctoring

With our Advance AI based proctoring software allow candidates to take assessments at a remote location while ensuring the integrity of the exam with candidate authentication, Secure Online Exam, Lockdown browser, Real-time live tracking and 24*7 panic support to students.

Group Pages & Questions

You can group a set of pages or questions so that you see as a different part in your report.

Proctored Online Exam with Mobile Application

The mElimu platform has designed the app in such a way that online tests can be run on mobile phones as well.

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