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Online-Offline LMS
Mobile First Approach

Being the first to introduce the mobile-first approach in the Indian continent having the web & mobile versions designed specifically as per their needs with Offline-Online capabilities.


Integrated Virtual

Inbuilt offline interactive whiteboard, screen sharing capability, smart drawing tool, record session, and game based learning enable melimu to conduct highly interactive live online sessions.


Monitoring & Evaluation
(M&E) system

With this feature, not just the performance analysis at the student level but also at the classroom and school level is possible. Accordingly, a necessary course correction can be introduced.


Blind or Visually Impaired

Text-to-speech, video lecturers with full subtitles, unique tutorials with Voice & video, verbal protocol assessment makes easy learning for special users and BVI (Blind or Visually Impaired)


Personalized and Adaptive

Course Content, assessment, and quiz tailored dynamically to each student’s learning style. With personalized learning, students can learn with more efficiency and deeper understanding.


Strong collaboration

Experience Chat room, Forum, Message, Attendance, and event Calendar with melimu collaboration tool platform to enhance and share the high learning experience with teachers and peers groups.


Online Admission and
Fee Collection

mElimu is a leading curriculum management framework, built with a complete end-to-end platform for LMS solutions and framework for Business, University & School Learning Manage multiple types of tests and quiz types with online assessment modules.


Quick Content

The LMS is designed to provide flexible solutions, targeting all types of students and audiences to increase productivity and support sustainable skills development. Once the LMS is in place, trainees can select, review training courses, and can keep track of their progress.



The competency-based program that will help you effectively organize a system of personnel development and assess the competencies of your Trainee. The purpose of advanced learning is to demonstrate skills in any subject before moving on to the next step of training.

Learning Management System Benefits

Provides Security and Big Stores

Learning Management Programs allow you to collect all the Big Data in one place. This also makes it easier to store and edit your curriculum. Our LMS co-op creates a high-performance system so you don't have to worry about content falling into the wrong hands.

Assessing Student Learning and Performance

Each LMS platform includes notification names and statistics. As a result, you can track many aspects of your education online. You can track everything from student participation to eLearning quizzes.

Enhance Resource Allocation

There are many ways in which LMS platforms can help you to distribute online training resources effectively. Our LMS helps your eLearning team to update online training assets very quickly. Then there is the matter of distributing online training resources online.

Personalize Online Training

You can share a variety of learning methods or online training resources for students with the help of LMS. Therefore, everyone gets the online training that people need depending on their learning goals, and various other methods.

Improve accessibility

Management Learning Programs allow you to post and follow online training courses without local limitations. As long as they can sign up for the program, students have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills.

Reports and Statistics

Our LMS has feature statistics that allow you to view online training at each level and in groups. You can also monitor your online training programs to determine if they are targeted or need minor adjustments.

Intuitive user interface

Does the tool make it easier for them to access courses? Our LMS of your choice has an intuitive user interface that matches the sets and capabilities of your eLearning team.

Assessment Tools in Learning

You need to check your Learner from time to time to find spaces and intervene if necessary. We can support many eLearning test methods. We, therefore, provide built-in eLearning test tools.

Support the Community

Social Learning provides an opportunity for students to connect with friends and share their past experiences. Our Learning Management System features a unique set of communication tools.

Multilingual support

Our multilingual support service is essential for organizations that plan to deliver online training services. All students should have the same opportunity to develop their skills.

Mobile Application

Mobile enables Learning Programs are accessible anytime, anywhere using mobile devices. You can download online training content so that online students can track online training programs on the go.


Some students actively participate in your online training course. Game equipment gives them the encouragement they need in the form of badges, points, and leaderboards. Brings a spark of student-centered learning into a very attractive, efficient, and fun application.

Why mElimu?

70% Students retention growth

High-level encryption algorithms are used to secure data

24*7 Support for Multiple World Channel with a Highly Trained Team

Tailored Solutions as per Client's Needs

In-Depth Reporting,Analytics,and Detailed Information to optimize the entire process

An inexpensive,accurate pricing system that is right for your business

LMS Quick Overview

The e-Learning Management System is a fully integrated eLearning learning organization with a practical first approach that allows students to study anywhere, anytime, at their discretion. This platform works on many devices including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. We provide comprehensive eLearning solutions for higher education, skills development, and corporate training space. MElimu turnkey solutions and it is customer ways to bring the best learning experience.

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